Moqit enslaved

05.11.2009. My mobile rang up in library. An angry voice on the otherside. “Are you xxxx lawyer. So you know the boygoing by the name Moquit?”. “Yes – whats the matter” I said. “He stole Rs. 1400/- from drawyer and fled. We are beating him up so that other child workers might see- to teach them. He showed your visting card. What he will do I said” I asked the man to give the phone over to Moquit. He was crying badly – his voice shaky. Uncle I told you they will do this to me and they do this to justify beating in public.” “Uncle help me. Please come”.

This was Mokit’s fourth master this year. The other three more or less did the same thing to him; made him work in in-human conditions followed by refusal to pay under one pretext or other, accusations and beatings.
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