Concert or coincidence

How come, strangers with whom I have no concern at all would single me out to pick quarrel, intidimate, and at times to assault, in my place of living and place of work. Twice attempt on life was made. Once I have been stripped. Constantly being uprooted and resettling. Now even defacating and pissing has become a luxury. It is said thrice may be coincidence but fourth may be design.


Discovering the root of cruelity

Why d v feel, think, act & react etc in a certain way? Answrs 2 our problems may b found in it.

Ishrat: accused of theft

“I found myself work with a food cart owner near Qadri Mosque at Jogabai Extensiom,(Jamianagar New Delhi), I wanted to go home to see my parent nearing Eid, when I asked for wages at the end of 2 months he beat me alot, accused me of theft, a large crowd had gathered on the street, people belieyed him and told him to hand me over to police, I cried a lot but no one listened, I some how fled from there.”

Ishrat: Begining of misfortune.

“Father became seriously ill – got bed-ridden, there was nothing to eat, one mullah ji promised to find me a job and brought me to Delhi, promising to get me a job, kept me as (house) servent for two years, he asked me to pay for fooding and lodging when I asked for money, he beat me up and threw me out.”

Ishrat’s fate

Dec 20 2009, 11:30 A.M, Sunday. ‘My name is Ishrat. I am 13. Before I worked with Agarwal Sweets, at Zakir Nagar main road as waiter – a week before, left because there was not much work- felt so much bored all day, paid on 7 th of each month, they never called names, never beat me up, came here so that work will keep me busy and there are other children working here.