You fuck my wife

Batlah House bus stand

Delhi is a city of unpredictables and rumor mongers. Those who talkof rules and laws are mocked upon by all and sundry.

People are highly intrusive. Respect of privacy is a strange idea. When I objected to one of my lawyer acquaintences who happened to call on me, to his pulling out my personal diary from the shelf and reading it, he flew into rage and said .” What’s wrong in it. You are a secretive man. You can read mine.” I said ” It’s like saying I fuck your wife you fuck mine”.

I am not resorting to sweeping generalisation. This kind of attitude is a rule rather than exception.

The city is deluded by small thinking, constricted, constipated educated & uneducated migrants mostly from the cow and buffaloe-belt.

Substatially they try to monoplise its localities & tenements state, districts, village vize against each other & do mischief and criminal acts towards this end.

The most vulnerables are the marginals and those who chose to stray away from their people. By and large there is a sort of etente among the larger segment like Biharis and UPs. Lesser ones are likely to be targetted by both if they are not living in big groups.

Separatism, militancy and terrorism in J & K, North-East & elsewhere is nothing but natural extremes of these lesser seedy forms. We demand that govt. enact an elaborate anti-hate law of universal applications in place of the S.C & ST & The Protection of Civil Rights Acts which incidently applies to onlySchedule Cast & Schedule Tribes.


Labor stabbed for refusing to work.

Jogabai Extn, Jamianagar, New Delhi.
The bonded laborer in yellow t shirt and jeans who escaped from the clutches of a builder stabbed and beaten up mercilessly by ruffians dispatched by his master.