2 returns from death row: New D.N.A finger printing technology


2 returns from death row:New D.N.A finger printing

2 returns from death row: New D.N.A finger printing technology

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Superior Courts can now order C.B.I probe


A five judge constitution bench headed by Chief Justice of Supreme Court K.G Balakrishnan dismissing an Appeal filed by Government of West Bengal in Midnapore massacre case, ruled that superior courts can order CBI probe into a case without the consent of a state government using their sound descretion despite Law and Order being in the State List and mandatory provisions in Special Police Establishment Act. The Bench evoked powers granted by Article 32 and 226 of Constitution of India which obligates superior courts to protect fundamental rights of citizens. Bench:C.J, K.G Balakrishnan, justices R.V Ravindran, D.K. Jain, P Sathasenam, J.B Panchal. Attorney General: Goolam Vahanvati.

Open personal vindictiveness brings Supreme Court under public reproach

Justice Ajit Prakash Shah

Welcoming a judgement

Elevation of one of India’s finest justices Mr. Ajit Prakash Shah blocked buy Supreme Court of India Justice Mr. Kapadia actuated by personal vendetta – over my dead body attitude – over an old tiff they had when the two were on Mumbai Bench. With chances of alternate absorption in Law Commission also becoming dim on the face of the fact that Justice Kapadia is slated to become the next Chief Justice of India and his unforgiving and open vindictive attitude towards Mr. Shah, Mr. Shah has opted to work for the handicapped in Prakash Amte’s ashram in Maharashtra. Justice Shah is credited with many underdogs and marginalized friendly judgments, the latest one this week where he ruled homeless dwellers living in huts on Govt.lands cannot be uprooted without being provided alternative accommodations. He is also credited with decriminalization of same gender sexuality. The attitude and naked vindictiveness and unjust attitude of Justice Kabadia has brought the highest court under reproach of common man. I have always known Justice Shah as Man of Heart, not because of his judgments of which I have never been a follower for want of time but because in his every address I happen to be an audience he touched my heart. Without fail in every speech he motivated we lawyers towards generosity, charity, social activism and social work. In the law day function this year he set a term with our bar that the function should feature an oath ceremony. He administered an oath on moral rectitude and respect to law, constitution and professional ethics.