What if illegal mosques are demolished.

Allahabad High Court Judgment has tried to keep the nation out of harms way – tried to close century old festering wound that was threatening the body. They say that judgment would pave way for demolition of more mosques. I say: let it be! If they have demolished temples to build mosques in their places. We can’t undo most of the historical wrongs but there are many we can…

Babri Mosque before demolition

The court has equally apportioned the disputed land over which Babri Mosque stood and demolished, amongthe parties i.e Nirmohi Akhara, Babri Masjid Action Committee and Ram Lalla.

How can our self appointed, constipated and constricted Muslim leaders allow themselves to be relegated into oblivion.

Large section of Hindus believe that the site where the mosque stood is the birth place of their god Shri Ram which was demolished by Muslim emperor Babar.