Attrocities: Barring access to livlihood

My access to Delhi High Court, Patiala House Courts, Saket Courts interalia barred by Muslims lawyers thru fear of mischiefs & foul plays

The mohalla muslim people act in tandem with lawyers besides indiscribable random ones who run into me here & there unexpectedly.

At times they instill fear of immediate violence and dishonour besides the routine subtle and crass provocations, intimidations character assassinations and harassments .

16 years on and no let up. i believe it wont go away. Thousands of repeat and copycat incidents on daily basis till now, are no coincidences.

There is a starting point to it all i.e December 1999 and it exactly coincides with the year of my joining the legal profession. I registered myself with New Delhi Bar Association at Patiala House Courts, New Delhi, in the year 1999.

The unilateral and unprovoked and concerted harassments, provocations and terrorisations started simultaneously at the court by Muslim lawyers belonging to Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association as was predicted and warned by one Muslim senior lawyer of the court and the locality where i used to live then.

In the mohalla i lived i.e Sarai Julena, a predominantly Hindu pocket in South East Delhi they were mostly Bihari Muslims hailing from Siwan, Gopal Ganj, Deo Ghar and Mungyr, scores of them ranging from the immediate neighboring tenents to those living in neighboring houses and buildings and else where, even their Bihari guests and visitors would induge in harassment. Later it turned out that the leading badmashes were intimately linked to the godfathers of AMU Muslim lawyers based in the Patiala House courts one of them being the then Bar president .

ab main nidhaal aur toot chuka hun. Merey hath pair dheeley per chukey hain.

I wish to leave my story for the progeny in the hope that somebody would do something to stop such organised attrocities on unknown helpless souls.
i shall continue my story in the next blog