Opressions of psuedo oppressed

#Jamianagar. Lies, rumours and casting aspersions as may be suited to a given situation are justified in the name of religion and community to justify hate crimes, mischief, attrocities, violence, against public officials, stray individuals families or visitors to the area.

An invisible and ubiquitious parallel federal government comprising of over lapping networks of village, district, caste and institution based groups having deep roots and spreading across neighborhoods exist here.

Strangers and those belonging to minority stray population staying in small numbers in Jamianagar are suspected as threat to the community or as possible ‘jasoos’ i.e spies of government or non-Muslims, diabolical quadianis or a shia doing ‘taqaiya’ therefore they are targetted through covert tactics, permanent subtle harassments, physical harms through foul plays, sabotages to properties, character assasinations through whisper campaigns.

The covert overlapping networks forming a myriad of webs are spread across neighborhoods, states and the territory of the country.

It is for anybody’s guess that how vulnerable ordinary humans could be before these socio-religio underworld given the proverbial noteriety for cruelity, intolerance and penchant for bloodshed and single mindness of the community.



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