Ishrat’s fate

Dec 20 2009, 11:30 A.M, Sunday. ‘My name is Ishrat. I am 13. Before I worked with Agarwal Sweets, at Zakir Nagar main road as waiter – a week before, left because there was not much work- felt so much bored all day, paid on 7 th of each month, they never called names, never beat me up, came here so that work will keep me busy and there are other children working here.


Child slavery in modern society

I would suggest begging to these children rather than working.

Previous Sunday. The boy was not more than 12 year old. He works in a road side canteen in a predominantly Muslim locality called Jamianagar in New Delhi consisting a population about of 2 lakh faithfuls- a prosperous place indeed.The muscular man rained blows with his fist on the boys head. The boy begged for mercy and whimpered and shrieked in pain. After the first round was over.The man started with his leg and knees. Twisting both the hands backwardsHe started hitting the boys chest with his knees. Then he dragged the boy to the cabin where they keep utensils and groceries. and slammed the door.After he came out of the cabin he had an iron grill in his hand which is used to pierce chunks of meat and roast them on of embers. There was complete silence inside. I presume the boy had lost conscious if not died. The owner of canteen his two sons and relatives and faithfuls eating there did not bother to pay any attention. People went about their chores as matter of factedly.The inquisitor was insisting that the boy must have spat on the canteen floor to which the boy denied.
There are a plethora of incidents -like these – and even worse -I come across day in and day out in Delhi.