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We are like vultures

Most of us in our society exhibit
traits of vultures. We start
hovering and crowding around
individuls we think are lost, weak,
or dying. We try to check by
provocations, then one of us will
take a tiny bite and dive back,
others would follow suit. If the
victim ignores and does not take
steps and keep lying they all
would fall upon him dis-entrail
him. No wonder that, not only
members of majority communiy,
but even linguistic marginals
within our community or
otherwise, without a big group –
like you won’t venture into a
jungle or desert alöne – dread to
live in Muslim dominated areas in
Delhi, not to speak of other
smaller minorities like Christians,
Parsis, Bahais. They are well
organised in net works of
kinships ever ready to indulge
and over-power the victims. Apart
from these community elders,
leaders and Muslim media are
ever ready to drown and supress
any conscientious voice from
within and confuse the world. I
will chronicle their machination